Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous AA: Including both Quitting and Moderating Drinking

If your home life, work life or social scene is causing stress and/or tempting you to drink more than you should/want to, it might be time to change things up. Consider a new living situation or a job switch, if necessary. Distance yourself from people who threaten the success of your sobriety. Your first responsibility is to your recovery, and it’s important to protect it by making necessary changes. It was designed to create community, support and camaraderie for those struggling towards sobriety. They empower individuals to take control of their recovery process and can significantly enhance the effectiveness of professional treatments.

  • Many 12-step programs suggest that sobriety means total abstinence—never using the substance ever again.
  • This is a common condition, with a 2020 study stating about 14% of U.S. adults suffer from alcohol use disorder.
  • But if you don’t want to put your life on pause, there are also outpatient centers and telehealth programs that can fit within your schedule.
  • Socializing without alcohol can help build stronger, more authentic friendships.
  • I also think that, if possible, it is a great idea to make amends with the people and things that make you feel regret.

Medical and non-medical addiction specialists

Receive weekly insights to help you and your loved ones on your road to recovery. One sober day will lead to a sober week, then months and years. You might not feel ready to go back home right after treatment and need a place to transition. Staying sober for the long getting sober without aa term is easier when you think of everything day by day. Methadone kept me from getting sick in the morning, so I never had to take unnecessary risks to make money and ward off heroin withdrawal. It also provided me stability as I slowly stopped shooting heroin.

getting sober without aa

Find a recovery community

getting sober without aa

You can focus on short-term sobriety, staying sober for 24 hours at a time. Recovery can be a linear process, yet you might need to go back if you aren’t ready to move forward. For example, you might complete a sober living program yet do not feel prepared to get back in the real world. One of the challenges of getting sober with AA is about willpower. 12 step philosophy emphasizes surrendering control to higher power.

Moderation Management Support Groups

Recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation and even though there are a lot of people around the world who swear by Alcoholics Anonymous, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Regular exercise is an excellent alternative therapy method that provides both physical benefits and stress-relief effects. Engaging in physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins – chemicals in your brain that act as natural painkillers and mood elevators. Furthermore, regular exercise can help to reduce cravings for alcohol which are often driven by stress or negative emotions, thus improving mental health.

getting sober without aa

Consider reaching out to a vocational rehabilitation counselor or career coach to help you update your resume, practice job interview skills, and locate jobs that match your skills and experience. A structured routine will help you achieve other goals in your life, whether they are short-term (like being on time for work) or long-term (like going back to school and changing careers). Hosted by therapist Amy Morin, LCSW, this episode of The Verywell Mind Podcast shares how to avoid repeating mistakes and build better habits. However, research suggests that while 12-step groups are effective, people often don’t continue their involvement at beneficial levels over the long term. That said, here are 4 things I have learned that are useful in getting sober from alcohol without AA. Use words especially when going through difficult moments and you will find peace within your heart.

How Can I Stay Sober During Triggering Events?

For example, it is more effective at treating cocaine and opioid addictions than it is for tobacco and polydrug use (use of multiple substances). With a Reddit account, you can protect your privacy and stay anonymous. Because r/stopdrinking is public, you can read its discussions without commenting or even creating a Reddit account.

  • From gourmet cuisine to our spacious, 10,000 square foot estate, Silver Ridge provides a tranquil and peaceful setting for recovery.
  • If you need sober friends and don’t do support groups, Meetup has great local activities that will allow you to get out of the bars and meet people in positive environments.
  • If drinking among your friends tends to ramp up as the night progresses, plan accordingly.
  • And others have the goal to quit drinking, but don’t find other aspects of AA to align with their values.

Women for Sobriety is another sobriety support group and program. Support is available in self-help groups across the U.S. and abroad, as well as in an online forum. It has its own steps—nine of them—which the organization says can help followers to achieve balance and moderation in all aspects of their lives. The organization is upfront about the fact that 30 percent of its members go on to abstinence-based programs, if moderation didn’t work for them.

  • Sudden withdrawal from heavy drinking can be dangerous or even fatal, so it’s best to have a doctor’s supervision.
  • I engaged a passion projectAs I started to reconnect with myself, my creative expression started to come through writing, new hobbies and a passion project that lead me overseas.5.
  • Other definitions, however, often focus on the process of recovery and developing coping mechanisms and habits that support health and wellness over the long term.
  • Loosid can be a primary support group if you’ve already completed an addiction recovery program or if you don’t struggle with clinical addiction but want to change your drinking habits.

Practice Healthy Living

getting sober without aa

Taking Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) with other opioid medicines, benzodiazepines, alcohol, or other central nervous system depressants can cause breathing problems that can lead to coma and death. For more information about Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) see, the full Prescribing Information, and Medication Guide, or talk to your healthcare provider. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of drugs to the FDA. Much like any other goal in life, long-term sobriety is more manageable in small parts. Take one step at a time and break everything into shorter goals. Look at sobriety in stages, from detox to addiction treatment to sober living to everyday life.

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